There’s only one reason why WRS was rated one of the top facilities nationwide in the Impulse Survey – that is because we are the very best you will find!

Reliability: Our recruiters work extensively to screen exactly who you are looking for and should one cancel the night before, they are back on it to find a replacement. We work diligently to ensure you meet 

A Step Above the rest: With one of the WRS owners on site at almost every one on one interview, you’ll be assured your groups will be a success! You and your clients will be greeted, pampered, and attended to, our five star service is consistent and most of our clients are so pleased, they usually return. 

Reliability: WRS delivers your data on time!

Spacious and Professional: We have two large focus group rooms with two viewing rooms adjoining them.

Experienced Recruiting: WRS recruits from a large extensive database of the local and surrounding area of Chattanooga, TN and North Georgia. All of the recruiting staff has multiple years experience in market research and they understand the importance of their role in making your focus group a valuable experience.