Why Use WRS for your next telephone project?  

Experience: Having more than 35 years experience speaks for itself!

Data Integrity: WRS’s interviewing stands up to the highest of scrutiny with full time monitors working constantly to ensure data integrity. The silent monitors can visually see the interviewer’s key in responses as well as hear both the respondent and the interviewer. Additionally, ten percent of the project is validated before final shipment. Remote monitoring or recordings of calls are accessible.

Reliability: WRS delivers your data on time!

Volume: WRS can handle virtually any size telephone data collection project with a 100 station call center.

Music Playing Capability: All of the call center interviewer stations are equipped with predictive dialing capabilities as well as CATI software. Each interviewing station can play .MP3 or .WAV files to respondents for feedback on music selections. The sound quality is in digital format.

Audio Clip Playing Capability: Do you want to test a new slogan or phrase for your service or product? WRS can play the clip – right on cue from your script. Each interviewing station in the 100 station call center has a sound card at each station which plays the clip in digital quality.

Survey Technique Reliability: We can rotate your questions or randomize your attributes in blocks, groups, or by question. The CATI software utilized at each of the 100 station call center is very robust and can handle most any complexity within your survey instrument. The WRS Programming team often programs questionnaires with so many conditions that a 100 variable survey can turn into a 300 page programmed questionnaire.

Quality Verbatim Responses: With WRS’s telephone data collections services, you can expect quality probing on verbatim questions. An entire Quality Control Department ensures your verbatim have complete sentences with all responses proofread for spelling errors. The verbatim are ready to print for the final presentation upon delivery. WRS has an entire department dedicated to consistently provide interviewers feedback for common errors as well as reviews before final shipment.

Hispanic Interviewing: WRS conducts services in Spanish language almost daily.